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Vobile CEO Yangbin Wang discusses revolutionizing IP and monetizing content in the digital age

ByAva Smith

Mar 21, 2024

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Vobile Group Ltd (OTCQX:VOBIF, HKG:3738) CEO Yangbin Wang tells Stephen Gunnion how the Software as a Service (SaaS) company is embracing AI as it provides intellectual property (IP) protection and content monetization solutions for the media industry, including major studios, TV networks, and sports leagues.

Since its inception in 2005, coinciding with the rise of YouTube and affordable streaming, Vobile has addressed the dual challenge of enabling content sharing while combating piracy. The company developed Video DNA fingerprinting technology, an early application of AI for content tracking rather than generation, and later introduced watermarking technology. This suite of tools aids content owners in managing and monetizing their digital media across the internet.

Wang highlights the vast market potential for Vobile's services, emphasizing the central role of IP in generating value within the media and entertainment sectors. With a client base comprising Hollywood studios and major media companies, Vobile stands as the largest provider in its niche.

The company's expansion into the Asian market post-IPO on the Hong Kong mainboard has balanced its revenue sources between Asia and its US home base, where it trades on the OTCQX to make its stock available to US investors.

Wang envisions leveraging AI to enhance the value of creative content further, viewing technological advances as tools that democratize content creation and distribution, thus potentially expanding Vobile's market.

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