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Solana Based Meme Coin Launchpad Ape.LOL Goes Live

ByAva Smith

Jun 21, 2024

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2024 / Ape.LOL, the Solana-based token launchpad is pleased to announce that it goes live today at 20.00 UTC. The highly anticipated meme coin website and application (see here https://app.ape.lol/) is set to democratise the way people can launch, use, engage with and trade meme coins, leveraging off the speed and robustness of Solana, the fastest and most secure blockchain currently in existence.

Meme coins have become increasingly popular for users to design their own pieces of digital scarcity, allowing users to own and trade their tokens just as you would with physical assets such as sticker trading cards.

Ape.LOL has been built to be the ultimate destination for meme coin creators and enthusiasts, with security at the heart of the platform. Not only is it seamless for anyone to launch their own digital asset, but user tokens are also protected with the aim of creating longer-term value.

Ape.LOL is underpinned by the APE cryptocurrency and has been built specifically to eliminate the risk of developers launching tokens that are subject to “rug pulls”. This is achieved by ensuring newly launched token liquidity is locked and automatically deployed onto Raydium once a market capitalisation of $42,000 is achieved. Revenue generated from fees will be used to buy back and burn the native APE token, making it a deflationary asset that is designed to further enhance the value of the ecosystem.

About Ape.LOL

Ape.LOL is at the forefront of meme coin generation allowing users to launch their very own token for as little as $1. Whether it is a meme coin based on a dog, cat or anything else, Ape.LOL facilitates the creation of assets with user protection in mind. Built on the Solana blockchain and backed by the APE token, Ape.LOL brings security to people who want to partake in the rapidly growing digital economy.

Website: https://www.ape.lol/

X: https://x.com/apedotlol

Telegram: https://t.me/apelolsol

App: https://app.ape.lol/

Email: marketing@ape.lol