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Replenish Nutrients announces partnership with Dark Horse Ag Ventures on Agriculture Innovation

ByAva Smith

Mar 18, 2024

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Replenish Nutrients Holding Corp CEO Neil Wiens joined Steve Darling from Proactive to shared exciting news about the company's strategic partnership with Dark Horse Ag Ventures, a leading AgTech company specializing in data-driven solutions for precision agriculture.

Dark Horse Ag Ventures offers innovative products and technologies aimed at simplifying and optimizing crop inputs, including water and fertilizer, to help farmers manage their operations more effectively and profitably. Their product stack includes Paradigm, Harvest Zones, and Symbiosis, which streamline nutrient management, optimize water-based risk management, and maximize yield potential while minimizing environmental impacts.

Wiens explained that the collaboration between Replenish and Dark Horse leverages synergies between their respective offerings. Replenish's focus on regenerative fertilizer solutions and sustainable manufacturing processes complements Dark Horse's data-driven approach to precision agriculture. Together, they form a powerful alliance poised to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

This strategic partnership strengthens the product offerings of both companies and opens up new opportunities for sales growth. By combining Replenish's proprietary regenerative fertilizer with Dark Horse's digital agriculture tools, they aim to enhance relationships with farmers and drive increased sales by demonstrating the value and efficacy of Replenish's products through data-supported feedback provided by Dark Horse's platform.

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