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Postie Debuts New CRM Optimization Engine to Maximize the Lifetime Value of Customer Relationships

ByAva Smith

May 30, 2024

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Postie, the leading innovator of direct mail automation solutions, today announced the launch of its CRM Optimization engine, designed to enable businesses to automatically optimize customer relationship management (CRM) data helping brands achieve incremental profitability. The CRM Optimization algorithm runs campaigns autonomously using machine learning to maximize the lifetime value of customer relationships and improve return on investment (ROI), becoming more intelligent and delivering improved results with each successive campaign.

As a marketing technology company that uses data science to transform direct mail into a performance-based digital platform for CRM and acquisition marketers, Postie's CRM Optimization algorithm uses advanced machine learning techniques to continuously analyze a company's entire CRM database and autonomously identify the most promising customers for direct mail campaigns. The algorithm uses a deep reinforcement learning modeling technique to pinpoint the optimal time to mail target audiences, increasing sales and deepening customer loyalty.

The addition of CRM Optimization to Posties offerings has resulted in the following new capabilities for brands and marketers:

  • Automatically identifying the best audience by finding the most promising segments within a brands CRM database, ensuring targeted and effective campaigns.

  • Personalized recommendations on which products or offers to send to each audience segment, maximizing engagement and conversions.

  • Real-time optimization by continuously learning from campaign performance and adjusting strategies, optimizing results and minimizing wasted ad spend.

  • Analyze data by leveraging several years of transaction and mailing history to gain deep insights into customer behavior and preferences.

  • Increase revenue by identifying a missing purchase window that exists for an individual and trigger a direct mail piece at the right time for conversion.

  • Improved customer engagement by identifying high and consistent spenders, excluding people who should not be mailed beyond what they are already receiving.

  • Reduced churn by providing a cohesive CRM offering that companies with large CRM databases will more easily see the value in during the sales or renewal process.

Postie users employing CRM Optimization have witnessed significant campaign performance improvements. One outdoor retail brands campaign saw an average order value of $275, surpassing previous campaigns. Posties CRM Optimization audience outperformed the brands previous method of randomly pulling additional CRM contacts into the campaign by three times. The brand experienced a $200 increase in AOV and a remarkable 3951% return on ad spend (ROAS). This represents a staggering 2,488% incremental ROAS, indicating the tool's ability to identify high-value customers and drive incremental revenue.

CRM Optimization is a game-changer for large brands and retailers that want to get the most out of their CRM data and direct mail marketing strategies. Our algorithm learns as it goes, getting more accurate as time goes on, so our clients can be confident that theyre making the most intelligent decisions on how to interact with their customers, said Dave Fink, CEO & Co-founder, Postie. By utilizing our machine learning algorithm, brands can identify the right customers to mail and the right time and frequency to mail them, leading to significant increases in incremental revenue. Were excited to offer something unique for companies with large CRM databases to more easily see the value during sales and renewal processes.

Postie's CRM Optimization engine is available now. To learn more or to book a demo, visit https://postie.com/crm-optimization/.

About Postie

Postie, a trailblazing marketing technology company, has revolutionized direct mail by infusing it with digital capabilities. As a leading end-to-end direct mail campaign platform, Postie is steeped in data science and purpose-built for empowering CRM and acquisition marketers with smarter targeting, simpler execution, and stronger measurement. Postie's robust platform offers an array of tools for optimizing direct mail campaigns through testing and attribution, with clients achieving an average campaign ROAS of 1,382%. For more information, visit: postie.com

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