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Oncotelic Therapeutics (OTC: OTLC) Inks Deal With Mosaic ImmunoEngineering To Sell Clinical-Stage Necroptosis Cancer Therapy Assets

ByAva Smith

May 29, 2024

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

The global retinoblastoma treatment market size was estimated to be $2.62 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach $4.20 billion by 2034 with a CAGR of 4.38% over 2024-2034. Rising incidence of retinoblastoma, early diagnosis and treatment, increasing healthcare expenditure, growing awareness of retinoblastoma treatment options, development of new treatments and government initiatives will drive the markets growth.

Recently, the FDA granted accelerated approval to Iovance Biotherapeutics (NASDAQ: IOVA) lifileucel (Amtagvi) to treat inoperable or metastatic melanoma, making it the first and only one-time tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy to be greenlighted for solid tumors. Lifileucel is manufactured by collecting and expanding a patients unique T cells from part of their tumor and then infusing them into that patient to fight the cancer.

Oncotelic Therapeutics (OTCQB: OTLC) is looking to develop similar treatment therapies for ocular cancers, including retinoblastoma and uveal melanoma. The technology is named necroptosis therapies.

Oncotelic and Mosaic ImmunoEngineering, Inc. (OTC: CPMV) are developers of necroptosis therapies. The recent approval of TIL cell therapy demonstrates how to manipulate patient immunity against cancer for a lasting cure. However, TIL cell therapy is costly, time-consuming and technologically challenging. Instead of driving TIL cells externally, Necroptosis Cancer Therapies drive innate TILs to the tumor. The key step is the induction of necrotic cell death and activation of death genes, exposing tumor-reactive antigens to initiate an immune response, activating antigen-presenting cells to achieve large-scale antigen presentation, activating T-cells, inducing strong and sustained cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses, and ultimately triggering a TIL antitumor immune effect. Necroptosis Cancer Therapies can use vascular disrupting agents (VDA), in combination with CheckPoint Inhibitors and other IO agents to drive TIL cells to the tumor.

Oncotelic Therapeutics recently announced a binding term-sheet agreement with Mosaic ImmunoEngineering. Under this arrangement, Mosaic will acquire the rights to Oncotelic's clinical-stage necroptosis cancer therapies. These innovative therapeutics disrupt tumor blood flow, leading to immunogenic tumor cell death through the activation of "death receptors" ultimately triggering a potent anti-cancer immune response. As part of the deal, Mosaic will also gain access to Oncotelic's AI technologies for identifying immunotherapy combinations.

"We are very pleased to have this opportunity to bring these clinical stage assets that have promise for the treatment of multiple types of cancer into Mosaic. We anticipate that the initial application of the technology will be in areas with high unmet medical need such as uveal melanoma and retinoblastoma. We look forward to working with the Oncotelic team to advance the program," said Steven King, President and CEO of Mosaic.

As outlined in the binding term sheet, Mosaic will issue $15 million in CPMV shares to Oncotelic upon the execution of the definitive purchase agreement. Additional milestones will enable Oncotelic to earn up to an extra $15 million in CPMV shares. The experienced Mosaic team, with a collective background encompassing more than 30 FDA and worldwide product approvals, will spearhead the advancement of these technologies. Both companies will collaborate closely to ensure the smooth transfer of technologies from Oncotelic to Mosaic, with Oncotelic providing short-term financial support for the program while working together toward achieving short-term and long-term financing goals.

"This will be the second transaction for capitalizing on our assets and building shareholder value. The first being the successful transition of OT-101 to our joint venture (JV) with Dragon Capital Overseas, Limited. The JV is expected to list for an IPO and has been expanding its R&D including the completion of its research and manufacturing facility headquartered in San Diego, California." shared Dr. Vuong Trieu, CEO of Oncotelic.

Pipeline What More To Expect From Oncotelic

Oncotelic has multiple drugs in its pipeline, such as ArtiVeda/ArtiShield, a COVID drug that aims to inhibit the spread of the virus; OT-101 for the treatment of solid tumors with a focus on brain cancer in adults and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma in children; CA4P, which is intended to be used with Ipilimumab for the treatment of solid tumors with focus on melanoma; Oxi4503 for the treatment of liquid tumors with focus on childhood leukemia; and AL-101, an intranasal drug for the treatment of Parkinson Disease that also targets Erectile Dysfunction and Female Sexual Dysfunction. Oncotelic is looking to develop these drugs using a similar JV structure, which should enhance shareholder values.

With an encouraging recent announcement and an extensive pipeline, Oncotelic may be a company to watch as it continues its endeavors to provide patients with more efficient treatments with fewer side effects.

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