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kevin. Triumphs with First Account-to-Account NFC iPhone Transaction

ByAva Smith

Apr 11, 2024

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In a ground-breaking event set to disrupt the in-store payment landscape, kevin., a pioneer in payment technology, has successfully conducted the first-ever account-to-account NFC transaction on an iPhone.

Video of transaction: link

In a financial world where convenience and security are paramount, kevin. has established a new pinnacle by executing the first non-Apple Pay account-to-account near-field communication (NFC) payment on an iPhone. This technological leap forward follows the European Commissions pressure on Apple to democratize NFC access. It comes after years in which Apple's strict control over NFC technology in iOS devices had stifled third-party competition.

Pavel Sokolovas, co-founder of kevin., articulates the magnitude of this moment: Breaking through the final barriers of NFC payments on iOS devices represents a true watershed moment. Were immensely proud to be the first to provide account-to-account transactions using Apples NFC, giving consumers the power to choose how they pay.

In January 2022, kevin. made waves by enabling this innovative payment method for Android users, a move lauded for its originality and drive towards an open payment ecosystem. Now, with regulatory changes in stride, kevin. swiftly attained authorization under Apple's NFC Entitlement Program and embarked on development in their controlled environment.

Just six weeks following Apple's program launch, kevin. celebrated the successful execution of the experimental transaction in development mode, setting the stage for what could revolutionize Point of Sale (POS) interactions.

Sokolovas outlined the technical journey: Weve been rigorously developing within Apples architectural framework. Our team worked tirelessly to integrate our kevin. technical solution within Apple host card emulation (HCE), including security standards, transaction validation and so much more to create a seamless experience allowing users transactions from within their banking or wallet apps.

The European Commission continues to monitor feedback from early developers like kevin. while anticipating the official commencement of broader NFC implementation. This scrutiny underscores the Commission's dedication to nurturing innovation and equitable competition in the mobile payment sphere.

Looking ahead, the industry anticipates a surge in similar payment solutions following this initial success. kevin. has indeed set a dominant precedent, promising an open market where consumers are no longer limited by device-specific payment platforms a fundamental reshaping of how transactions are conducted worldwide.

kevin. is a visionary technology firm reshaping payment systems for tomorrows needs. From their global headquarters in Europe to the recent expansion into the bustling financial hub of Dubai, kevin.s mission has been consistent: to offer reliable end-to-end technology and significant savings on transaction fees without changing the way people pay. The introduction of their multi-tenant, brand-agnostic payment acceptance network marks a significant shift for consumers and businesses alike, granting autonomy and value unimpeded by the constraints of legacy technology.

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About kevin.

kevin. is a pioneering technology firm on a mission to revolutionize legacy payment systems. With a newly built infrastructure, kevin. makes transactions more efficient, secure, and convenient for both digital and physical sales. The company's multi-tenant payments acceptance network is white-label, brand-agnostic, and intermediary-free, offering partners complete control of their in-store payment processes. This empowers them to unlock greater value through new services, enhanced conversion rates, and strengthened customer loyalty.

The kevin. network redefines international payments, ensuring a seamless, secure account-to-account NFC payment infrastructure for POS terminals worldwide. This innovation offers a 'tap and go' experience, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making international payments as familiar as local ones.

kevin. is backed by Accel, Eurazeo and other investors, including OTB Ventures, Speedinvest, Open Ocean, and Global Paytech Venture.

Commitment to the Ecosystem

kevin.'s goal is to empower all players in the payment ecosystem, including banks, digital wallets, retailers, and others. The company enables these entities to launch their own independent non-card schemes or to expand their services by connecting with an existing network on the kevin. platform.

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