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Farm Forward Investigation Reveals Americas First Certified Regenerative Dairy Farm Alexandre Farm Abuses and Neglects Animals

ByAva Smith

Apr 12, 2024

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In an extensive investigation released today, Farm Forward revealed that Alexandre Family Farma famous, widely endorsed organic dairy farm in California that sells at Whole Foods and other major grocery chainsroutinely abuses and neglects its animals, sells diseased animals for human consumption, and pollutes the environment. Despite clear evidence of abuse provided by whistleblowers, the farm was certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and as Humane by the independent nonprofit Certified Humane program.

The full report can be read at www.farmforward.com. Among the findings:

A cow dragged by a skid loader more than 50 yards across concrete and gravel;

  • Dozens of cows being trampled to death;
  • Use of a .22 rifle to kill about 80 heifers experiencing trouble with calving;
  • A cows clogged teat cut off with a rusty knife with no pain management; and
  • Animals body parts left decomposing on the land, possibly contaminating the local waterways.

Portions of the report were included in a story released today by The Atlantic that corroborated many of Farm Forwards findings.

Alexandre Family Farm has garnered national attention after becoming one of the first certified regenerative dairy farms in 2021. Alexandre has been featured on the Today Show, Food Networks Guys All-American Road Trip, and in Forbes and the New York Times.

At a time when millions of Americans are turning away from cows milk, companies like Alexandre and retailers like Whole Foods are lying to the public to try and reverse the trend and protect their profits, said Farm Forward Executive Director Andrew deCoriolis. Dairy companies humanewash their business just like the big oil companies try to greenwash theirs. Its a marketing spin, its not real change.

Unfortunately, this investigation reveals a larger problem: organic and humane labels on meat or dairy cannot be trusted, deCoriolis said. Even one of the countrys most prominent and celebrated organic farms is using the same abusive and polluting agricultural practices as factory farms. Federal regulators upheld Alexandre Family Farm's organic designation even after they were given evidence that the farm was abusing animals. How many more organic farms are out there raking in profits based on a USDA-endorsed lie?

Alexandre Family Farm touts several key differentiators that the company claims make it a better choice for dairy products, including that the way they farm is better for the cows. However, Farm Forwards investigation revealed systematic abuse and neglect driven from the top of the company. And while Alexandre continues to profit from selling diseased and injured animals, consumers are paying a premium at Whole Foods and other groceries in support of this fraudulent vision of healthy animals and a livable climate.

The investigations findings not only highlight violations of basic humane treatment, but also many violations of the certifications that Alexandre uses to market their products. A failure of this magnitude on the part of certification schemes like the USDA and Certified Humane calls into question whether industrial dairy farming can ever be truly compatible with a high ethical standard of animal treatment and environmental sustainability.

Farm Forward is calling on Alexandre Family Farm to change its practices and its abuse of animals immediately, and is asking retailers like Whole Foods and other companies to stop purchasing Alexandre dairy and pledge to reject similar efforts at humanewashing. Farm Forward is also calling on the USDA and Certified Humane to withdraw their certifications of Alexandre Dairy and pledge to reform their internal practices to prevent humanewashing companies from gaining legitimacy through their certifications in the future.

We hope that the Alexandres, responsible retailers like Whole Foods, certifying organizations, and government regulators can all come together to fix what is broken in our agricultural system, deCoriolis said. Right now, there are structural problems in the dairy industry that incentivize animal abuse. We need to change that.

Concerned consumers can support Farm Forwards push for change by signing up to join its campaign. Farm Forward also asks conscientious consumers to consider rejecting dairy products altogether.

If systemic animal mistreatment is happening at the leading higher welfare dairy, what is happening at all of the rest? asked deCoriolis. The only way to avoid regularly participating in these abusive practices is to opt out of dairy products altogether. Consumers are increasingly selecting plant-based dairy and could do so even more often. Consumers can also join us in pushing the agricultural sector and the federal government to do better.


Farm Forward is a team of strategists, campaigners, and thought leaders guiding the movement to change the way our world eats and farms. Learn more at https://www.farmforward.com/

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