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ECO Animal Health focused on innovation and global expansion as it grows its pipeline

ByAva Smith

Mar 21, 2024

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ECO Animal Health Group PLC CEO David Hallas joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with more on the global animal health company focused on pigs and poultry.

Hallas explained the company offers a variety of products aimed at maintaining animal health and treating diseases, particularly respiratory and intestinal issues. While a significant portion of its revenue is attributed to its flagship product, Aivlosin, he said the company maintains a diversified portfolio with operations in over 70 countries, more than 20 products, and around 200 licences for different indications.

Hallas highlighted the company's fourth-quarter and full-year 2024 trading performance, driven by increasing demand for its products, especially Aivlosin, which assists in raising healthy animals to meet the global protein demand. The company's growth is notably robust in Brazil, a key protein producer.

Hallas clarified that the company's operations and revenue are not overly dependent on China, with over 75% of revenue generated from outside this region. Despite challenges in the Chinese market reported by competitors, Hallas differentiates ECO Animal Health's sector from genetics, emphasizing its focus on animal health and prevention.

The company is also expanding its product line with the upcoming launch of vaccine products in 2025, following recent trademark approvals in the EU, UK, and the US. Additionally, ECO Animal Health has initiated a limited share buyback, viewing it as an opportunistic use of funds following property disposals, while still prioritizing investments in innovation and the current business.

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